For most SMEs, the days of the big Christmas and New Year shut down are long gone. In today’s fast-moving, non-stop world, clients expect services to continue uninterrupted throughout the festive season, while many businesses use the holidays to catch up and prepare for the year ahead.

What this means is that it’s essential that your IT systems and equipment are fully functioning 24/7/365. So, to help you keep your IT show on the road over Christmas and the New Year, and because it is the season for giving we thought we’d share some top tips with you.

  1. 🎁 Confirm your IT support arrangements

Make sure your IT support is available during Christmas and New Year. Find out about special seasonal arrangements and circulate contact names and numbers

  1. 🎁 Switch on Out of Office messaging

Let clients and key contacts know who they can contact, when and how

  1. 🎁 Stick to your backup schedule

Automating your online backup ensures that your data stays safe, even when you’re not in the office

  1. 🎁 Check that your anti-virus protection is up-to-date

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to attack by putting this off until January

  1. 🎁 Make the most of flexible/remote working capabilities

Use your technology to enable employees to stay productive by working at home – and help them to spend precious time with family and friends; but get them to check their technology is working beforehand

  1. 🎁 Use social media to stay in touch

Regular, automated posts maintain visibility with clients and can remind them of your office opening hours, key contact details and where to go for assistance

  1. 🎁 Make sure your website looks its best

Clients and prospects often take time over the holidays to review their current and future supply chains – so ensure that your website is up-to-date and telling your story

  1. 🎁Set festive messages on your phone

Cloud-based telephony such as VoIP enables you to do this whether you’re in Lapland or Liverpool!

  1. 🎁Prearrange a status report call with your IT manager or support provider

To satisfy yourself that all is working normally – or to instigate action if required

  1. 🎁 Review and learn lessons

Did your IT operate normally during the festive season? If so, capture this year’s arrangements and you’ve already got a plan in place for next year!

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Phil Bird,

Managing Director, The PC Support Group