Any company operating without a viable network security strategy in place is asking for trouble – it’s as simple as that. Network security is one of the most important elements of any IT support service: it’s imperative that you take every step necessary to protect your company and the data that you store.


Effective network security will constantly evolve and incorporate new technology to protect your company against emerging threats. Are you concerned that your network security isn’t up-to-scratch? Could you have outdated protection in place that will leave your business vulnerable?

Additionally, if you’re not adhering to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), you might be breaking the law.

Our team has seen it all, and we know how to design and install robust, effective, and reliable network security. As well as putting efficient measures in place, our systems constantly monitor your network for new threats and work to protect your company 24/7.

Why Do You Need Network Security?

You would be surprised by how many companies assume that network security isn’t a top priority. Often, we see companies spending considerable sums on a modern IT infrastructure with outstanding capability and support. But without network security in place, that company simply is not safe.

Companies large and small must install and maintain a reliable network security system. Malware, cyber threats, and other attacks can be crippling and, unfortunately, some companies will never recover from serious attacks.

As well as keeping your company trading and operating safely, good network security will keep all  data (including sensitive data you hold about others, such as customers, suppliers and employees) secure too. Depending on what you store and how you store it, this could even be a legal requirement.

From the outside looking in, customer data might not seem like an asset. However, it’s as good as currency for those that know how to manipulate it.

Network security keeps that sensitive data safe while allowing your company to continue operating when the unthinkable should happen – it’s absolutely fundamental.

What Does Good Network Security Involve?

Fresh network security issues present themselves daily. You need a proactive and responsive system in place so that your network will always be secure – no matter what tries to attack it.

Security Assessment

We offer a variety of network security solutions, but it all begins with a security assessment. No two IT systems are the same, and that means that the protection we put in place must be unique to your business. Your protection should be designed and installed to suit your company’s needs.

Security Implementation

Once the assessment is complete, our team will design and implement a modern, highly secure system. This security platform covers your computer network, all of your systems, and even the hardware system as well.

24/7 Security

Good network security constantly monitors your IT set-up and targets any potential issues in a proactive way. There’s no time to be reactive. Instead, prompt and effective responses are the most effective way to keep your system safe.

Advanced Solutions

Complete security includes firewalls, intrusion detection programmes, an incident response service, emerging technology and applications, malware detection, VPNs, security patch updates, encrypted back-ups and secure wi-fi networks.

There are all kinds of protection measures that our team can put in place. Importantly, we will only use the programmes and applications that you require.

Network Security with PC Support Group

Our experienced team of IT technicians know exactly what’s at stake when they assess, design, and implement your network security system. We’ve seen the devastating impact that a malicious attack can have, and we only use tools that we can trust to provide your business with adequate security and protection.

Get in touch with our friendly team today and find out more about the different ways that we can help to keep your business – and the data that you store – safe from harm.

For further information on you can improve your network security, go to our resources section and download our cyber security essentials guide now!