According to the Centre for Economics and Business Resources (CEBR), only 1 in 6 UK IT professionals are women proving that gender disparity is still very prevalent in the sector.

The survey, based on research from ONS, analysed 608,000 IT professionals of which only 103,360 were women.

The research also looked at gender inequality among different roles in the IT sector which showed that:

  • only 17% of IT directors were women
  • 29% of IT technicians were women
  • 7% of IT engineers were women

Last month the UK ranked 5th in the PwC Women in Technology Index for the G7 and placed 16th overall.  30% of the global tech sector were women whilst only 20% of the ICT graduates are women.  Researchers at PwC also found that women lacked the technical knowledge such as STEM-related skills and numeracy despite no differences in ability for these subjects which suggested the reason might be cultural.